Vincent is the main protonagist in the Legend of Vincent series. He is holder of the Triforce of Universe. He also wields the Master Sword. His sister is Raven, holder of the Triforce of Wisdom.


The Legend of VincentEdit

He is 20 years old. Vincent is the holder of the Triforce of Universe, and so he is destined to save the world from Ganondorf, the Ressurected Ressurected King of Evil. Prior to the beginning of the Part 1, he started to study on Link when he was nine. He later made Raven join the team. Later, he busted Arthuros` head. In Part 2, he commented on the Rap Battle between Ganondorf and Link. Later, he almost killed Ganondorf, but he escaped. Even later, in Hyrule Castle, he killed Ganondorf. In Part 3, when Vincent & Co. where in the Tomb of the Hero, he was the only one to come up with a good idea: learning the ways of the Triforce. It didn`t work though. At the end, Vincent and Zelda had a battle. Vincent won. Peace was restored.