In The Legend of Vincent, Triforce is a "power". Not much is known about Triforce yet.


The holders of Triforce all have a Triforce Mark. It are 3 black squares on their hands. The one in the middle possess the most power.

Triforce of PowerEdit

Now, that Arthuros resurrected Ganondorf, their are two holders of the Triforce of Power. Not much is known about it. The Triforce of Power is the highest triangle.

Triforce of WisdomEdit

The Triforce of Wisdom is the left triangle. It is holded by Raven. With the Triforce of Wisdom, you can sense aura`s, and so you can even know where someone is if you are on the other side of Hyrule!

Triforce of CourageEdit

The Triforce of Courage is the right triangle. It is holded by Link. Not much is known about it`s powers yet.

Triforce of UniverseEdit

The Triforce of Universe is the Triforce wich possess the highest amount of power. It is the middle square, the one which changes from where you look at it = it is air. Vincent holds this power, but has not learned how to fully use it.