Exactly one year has passed after Ganondorf was killed. Zelda and Link got children and they married. But... Zelda was troubled with something... SHE HAD DEEP FEELINGS FOR GANONDORF! In secret, she started to train in Dark Magic. And a few months later, she used a to powerfull spell... her body turned weird thanks to that. She had no other choice. THAT WAS WHEN SHE STRIKED! She killed Link... and because she was Princess... she killed her dad. She got ultimate power. But 2 years after Zelda`s reign started, a young woman came... Zelda how she used to be. "This can`t be! You are me!" "No... i`m the Goddess... you are not supposed to do this...." And so, the Goddess killed Zelda... and peace was restored.... for then.