2 years after Vincent saved the world. Peace has been, for all that time. Until... "WAKE UP, VINCENT! YA DON`T WANNA BE LATE, HUH?!" "Naraka.. i understand. Well, let`s go! Today`s to-do list!"

9:30 - Meeting with the Mayor of Ordon Village

12:15 - Meeting with Raven about the Security of Castle Town "RAVEN!" "Yes brother?" "HOW IS THE SECURITY?" "GOOD, WHY?!" "NEVERMIND!" "scraps it from his list"

13:00 - Meeting with the king (lunch)

14:00 - Ride to the Zora`s so i can make peace

15:00 - Weapon Training

18:00 - Dinner with the king (LOL)


"Yeah. Pretty cool your king now, bro!" "Thnx Naraka. Let`s go to Ordon."

                                                   "Will be continued May 26th"

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